My Top 10 Beliefs

This is a page of my top ten simple beliefs (dynamic). I do not expect you to agree with them and to be blunt, I don't want to hear your opinions of them unless you agree. These are my beliefs and my blog so I'm allowed to make the rules. :-)

1. I believe all humans are meant to be treated equal, however I don't believe they were created equally. Just look at the cast system in India first, and everywhere else second to see we are not all equal.

2. The debate of sexual preference is abhorrent and embarrassing. It's a non-starter in my book and I wish we would stop trying to hurt people for being who they are.

3. Religion has had it's day. It needs to be put to rest and studied like any fascinating historical story.

4. The separation of church and state is not bi-directional in the Constitution of the United States. No matter how much I wish it was, it truly is not a reciprocal notion written by it's creators. I do believe an amendment should be initiated and debated to clarify modern thought and further enhance American beliefs in "Freedom for all".

5. Religion must stay out of public schools. I would not want my mechanic teaching my child math, why would I have a public school teacher educating my child on religion. It is secular, specific, and personal to each parent, not the child, so it must go. There are already places for teaching religion; churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples.

6.  I believe that there are many teachings within the bible that will help me through life. Under the same umbrella I have also learned life lessons from my cook book. The sources for which I learn and grow as a man holds no barriers for me.

7. I believe in civility. Respect is given when earned and is never by default. Disrespect is also given when earned, but should be used more sparingly and only when necessary. Civility however is of paramount importance to me. If you are not civil, you are not thinking. Be angry, be passionate, but the moment you are not civil I will stop listening to you. But being civil myself, I will tell you that I have stopped listening. I have learned what a "tone-troller" is. Thank you Darkheart,. damn, shit, fuck, dickrocket!!! :-)  I found that I was a tone-troller in the making, and without her help I would have continued down this road. I still believe in civility first, but be prepared for more passionate discussions. Don't let the opposite behavior to your own close you down. Stay level headed and look at the intent of the poster, not the words. Be the willow, not the oak.

8. I do not respect supernatural religion. There are lessons within religious teachings that can benefit humanity, however these are universal truths that religion holds no dominion over? But as a singular all encompassing entity supernatural religion isnt woth the blood it was written in.

9. I enjoy life more as an atheist than as a theist. If you don't know why, then come sit with me and I'll educate you. If you don't want to do that and still cannot understand how I can enjoy life without a god then I don't want to spend time telling you. You are obviously ignorant and/or incapable of understanding the simplest of concepts outside of your chosen reality so you don't deserve the time it would take for me to train you. Sounds harsh but I mean it.

10. God doesn't exist. ( I put this last because this is the last of my top 10 list and I want you to remember at least one thing from it.) It might be scary, but so is divorce. And like divorce once you cross that boundary from pain and misery to freedom, the world opens up to be brighter, more wonderful, and more complex than you could have imagined.

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